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volunteer job at the nursing home. would i get in trouble for not showing up?

So I volunteer at the nursing home but I really don't feel like going in today because I just feel sick and I wasn't home till late last night because I was visiting my cousin in the hospital in a different city. I don't know if I would get in trouble for not showing up? Would I get in trouble for not showing up? I asked my parents & godmother the same question and they all said to me ' they cant do anything to you you just volunteer not get paid'

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    It's very rude to not at least call in advance and tell them you're sick, I mean that's just common courtesy. Even though you are a volunteer, they are still counting on your help. Call them and tell them you feel sick and can't work today, it'll give them a chance to find a replacement, or at least be prepared for having one less helper.

    If you don't call and don't tell them, they probably won't want you to back in the future, and wouldn't recommend you on a CV or school/college application. It could be very awkward in a job interview ("So, I see you were volunteering and then decided not to show up one day, why do you think we should employ you?")

    It's irresponsible and portrays you as an unreliable, untrustworthy person. Either stand by your commitment and go in, or call and let them know you're sick.

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    your parents are right they cant say nothing , but if you ever get a job ( fall time pay ) they might ask them " oh whats this person like ?" there going say well some days he cant be arsed coming in. if i was you i would ring them up ( your work ) and tell them you cant make it instead of just saying nothing.

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    VOLUNTEER! That means you go when its convenient for YOU. If you can't make it, your not going to get in trouble. You don't get paid which means they can't do anything.

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    Hmm, I think they just won't pay you ;)

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