is speed of sound constant and cannot be varied?

i was wondering that can the speed of sound be lowered than the normal 335m/s in air without changing the air conditions? lets say u spoke in a low voice, will the sound still travel at 335m/s? will all air waves travel at that speed. no matter how weak or strong they are?


to the 2nd and 3rd answer:

i know it varies with the medium! read the question completely.

what i'm asking that can it change within the same medium, without altering the conditions of the medium. will any sound no matter how loud or how low will travel at the same speed?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Without changing the air conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, composition), no.

    Speed of sound in air is independent of the amplitude of the sound. Speed of sound does increase slightly with increasing frequency but the effect is negligible.

  • No it actually can vary, because if you, we can say that

    The speed of any wave = Wavelength x frequency

    So, even in the same medium, without any alteration in condition, the speed of any wave can change because of increase in amplitude or the pitch. But it's only slightly sensitive to them.

    This is a sentence from wikipedia."The speed of sound is also slightly sensitive (a second-order anharmonic effect) to the sound amplitude"

    Good day! :D

  • Yes,The speed of sound is constant in the given medium.However,It is varied slightly at different temperature of the medium . The speed of sound is slightly higher in high temp as compared to low temp.But it doesn't make much difference , so we say that the speed of sound in a given medium is constant...........................

  • 9 years ago

    About sound speed, the speed of sound isn't affected with the amplitudes of your voice itself, but the speed of sound varies among certain mediums. The denser the medium is, the faster sound travels. But notice that since sound is not an electromagnetic wave, it can't travel in the vacuum.

    Speed of sound is also affected by the temperature of the medium itself. The hotter it is, the faster the sound can travel.

    3 common speeds of sound for example:

    - in air, approximately (330 m/s ~ 342 m/s)

    - in water, approximately (1500 m/s ~ 1560 m/s)

    - in Fe (iron) , approximately (6500 m/s ~ 6620 m/s)

    These values are limited and just for common use. Terms and conditions apply as described above.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    speed of sound varies with the medium :

    a = sqrt (γ.R.T)

  • 9 years ago

    Sound waves react differently in different atmospheres. Sound actually travels faster underwater, and can travel faster through helium. (Those are the only types of atmosphere I know of that affect sound wave motion.) So, No. The speed of sound is not constant.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, the frequency or amplitude (low voice) have no influence on the propagation speed, they will only increase the attenuation which makes the wave travel only a shorter distance.

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