I have a question about the movie The Avengers?

When the Hulk first made his appearance in the movie he indiscriminately went after the black widow character....chasing her through the lab, trying to kill her. Then when he made his second appearance he was working with The Avengers and standing next to them etc. Aside from the one part when he punched Thor as a joke...how was it that he understood that he was on their side instead of chasing after them like he did the black widow?

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  • Damian
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    9 years ago
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    The first time was a basic Hulk transformation he was pissed off and had no control of himself or his anger, however at the end he said "thats my secret, I'm as always angry", then transformers. so with that being said it implies and shows he can transform into the hulk spontanouesly when wants and control himself as seen when he caught Iron Man rather than rampaging through the city.

    So the first time - he lost control of his temper

    2nd time - he had control and willingly transformed.

    Source(s): When he randomly punched Thor & thrashed Loki that was funny
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes you guys are right. Bruce also says, which is to me the best punchline of the movie, "im always angry", when asked how he manages to controll hulk. This means that mentaly, both bruce and the hulk is conscious in his body, by giving both entities their freedom, they both "satisfied". By not denying the prescence of the hulk inside him, the hulk respects him. Its a major theme in the movie. When he turns the first time, he actualy loses that controll and the hulk is merely in confusion about whats happening, and so acts barbaricaly. The 2nd time its willingly as the two entities inhabiting the same body, the yin and yang, good and evil, dr jekyll n mr hyde, etc are capable of reaching an understanding. Punching thor was just to show that the animal will always be an animal, dont tell it that its not what it is, and they showed that humouristicly to show us that theres nothing wrong with that, dont fear the animal. We can all learn from that, we should not denie the "bad" in us. By denying our animal instincts, denying the beast inside of us, is to cause inner conflict and denying ourselves innerpeace, leading to actions that we will never be fully in controll of. All this summed up in 3words by bruce banner "im always angry". I love that movie.

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    When he first turned, he had been manipulated slightly by the staff, and it was making him extremely angry and frustrated, and falling and smashing into the ground just made him snap, making him lose control and turn into the Hulk, which he couldn't control at that point.

    When he fell to earth, the janitor guy told him he aimed for the deserted building, showing Banner that he had at least some control at the Hulk. When he turned the second time, he knew the Avengers needed his help and willingly turned, controlling his anger to save hundreds of lives.

    Source(s): seen it 3 times
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well the first time it appeared that he involuntarily turned into the hulk just from the surprise of the moment. The second time he willingly did it as if he had some sort of control over it. idk

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    Very good question... Something to which I have no answer. But would like to know the answer to?

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