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Survey: How does your countries school system work?

In Australia you start in primary school from kindergarten (5-6 years old) and stay until 6th grade (11-12 years old) then straight to highschool until your 18

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    Same in here

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    I'm in chicago which is part of USA

    Nursery school (ages 3-4)

    Pre school (ages 4-5)

    Elementary school (kindergarten-5th grade) (ages 5-11)

    Middle school (6th grade-8th grade) (ages 11-14)

    High school (9th grade-12th grade) (ages 14-18)

    College (13th grade-16th grade) (ages 18-22)

    Grammar school (preschool-8th grade)

    Grade school (1st grade-8th grade)

    The weird part is that you can be in two at once. That's because grammar school has pre school, elementary school and middle school. While grade school has elementary school and middle school but doesn't include kindergarten. So if someone is in grade 6-8 then they are a middle schooler, grammar schooler and grade schooler.

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    Primary education (age 6-16)

    Kindergarten (optional) to 9th grade with an optional 10th grade. Under danish law primary schooling is compulsory.

    Secondary education (age 16-19)

    These are upper secondary programmes that include general education which qualifies you for higher education and vocational/technical education which gives you direct access to the labour market.

    Higher education

    As with the rest of the world undergraduate and graduate programmes.

    Note: All schooling is tuition free from primary through to higher education, regardless of your socio-economic background. In addition, students 18+ receive a monthly grant from the government for studying, regardless of academic performance (you have to pass of course)

    Source(s): Denmark
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    Kindergarten (3 years old); Pre-Primary (4 years old); Primary School (5-12 years old); High School (13-17 years old)

    Western Australia.

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    My school district goes something like

    (optional) 3 - 4, preschool

    5 - 6 kindergarten (same school as elementary school, though)

    6 - 11 elementary, 1st grade to 5th,

    11 - 14 middle school (6th to 8th)

    14 - 18 high school (freshman to senior)

    We actually built a new high school a little while ago, moved middle school to the old high school, and split the elementary up, so there's an "intermediate" school for 3rd and 5th grade (8 - 12).

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    Grade 1-10. So Ugly.

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    Not very well!!!

    I go to a private school in WA Aus and we start at kindie, pre primary, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and all lower school then year 8, 9 ,10, 11 and 12 and all highschool

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    I moved to India a couple months ago, and school is for kids aged 3-18. And it starts day after tomorrow :'(

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    Well in the United States our counries do different things, so in Texas

    Elementary school is kindergarden-5th grade (5-10)

    Middle school is 6th grade- 8th grade (11-13)

    High school is For the rest until you 18 too.

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    In terms of educating the inner city masses, not very well.

    but I also blame the parents (if they can be found)

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    Northern Ireland- Play school (3) Nursery (4) primary school (5-11 years old). High school for GCSEs until you are 16, then A levels until you're 18, university from you're 18/19 years old, then however long that lasts (roughly 4 years)...

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