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Why is god invisible?

I mean, so is gravity yet we know it's there because we can prove it. God appears to be synonymous with pink unicorns; they both are unseen, there are no clues/hints that they're present, yet there are many who assert they exist.

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    God is visible, look around you.

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    Your seen God maintains to be invisible in over a million/2 the worldwide, 2000 yrs after his loss of life. it is unfathomable that each and each physique loving an all effectual God would not supply the worldwide one ethical code, one theory equipment. 2/3 of the worldwide would not comprehend your way of thinking. Your strategies approximately life, loss of life, worship recommend little experience to 950 million human beings in China and yet another billion in India - 2 influential worldwide centers. Your thinking is tribal, no longer worldwide. Geography, parental effect, and a life without desire lead human beings to settle for relgion. some persons are stricken via one factor, some via 2 or 3. some persons are born with a diverse be conscious of-how of the worldwide, Jesus, Mohamed, Hindu Gods, Tribal Gods, are all one in the resembling human beings of reason. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is fictional and you do no longer have faith in him, nor do you honor Mohamed, Zeus,Odin, or Zoraster. You completely comprehend what it skill to no longer have faith in something. .

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    I see it as the root under the tree, it isn't seen yet without it, the tree doesn't exist. God reveals himself to the individual through Christ, it is not nor will be a group event. My relationship is between God and me, and I have no control in it, thankfully.

    I can't prove God to any one, but me. I have found I judge less having this knowledge.

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    9 years ago

    Why didn't God make us fish. Then it would have

    been harder for us to kill each other.

    But that's not Gods image, he's a man.

    So why is he invisible? you just asked that..

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    9 years ago

    God is energy - it does not have a personality. Energy is invisible but we know it is there because we have tested for it and found it. God has no power OVER us, but it is the power OF us.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The nonexistent remains eternally unseen.

  • 9 years ago

    John 4:24 reminds us that God is a spirit (that would mean invisible) and those worshipping him must worship in spirit and truth. God's presence is evident in creation (the wind is invisible, but we can feel and at times see the effects of its power). Is existence confirms his love for us when we look at our own bodies, his greatest creation.

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    9 years ago

    For the same reason that evolution cannot be seen - faith.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    our Creator is spirit and there is more than enough evidence which proofs the Holy Bible is the words of God so wake up Disney and seek truth for only a fool says we evolved over millions of years from nothing for no reason

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    maybe because he doesn't exist, i'll just leave this here

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