Parents getting divorced because of me :(?

I just had another fight with my father, where he pushed me. And I have just been operated at my ankle and I may not stand on it. No I had to do it other wise I would have fallen. And I fear it's broken again after the put it together.

Now that isn't the biggest problem, my mother kicked me out of the house and my father left. They said it was my fault because I started the fight.

We fight a lot at home, with a lot of yelling, and my father calling me names. And my mother defending him. Somewhere there is still a lot of love for each other. And it isn't the first time, but I'm tired it always ends like this. What can I do about, Talking isn't an option cause my father just won't listen, and my mother start defending him. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come and get me. But his parents wont be happy that I'm there again for such a long time. Last time they almost kicked him out for it. So what can I do? I'm 19 years old, still go to school, just been operated so can't even work at all... I'm desperate !!!

I forgot to mention that my father isn't my birth father, but I can't go to my birth father because he is extremely aggressive. He used to hit my mother, so she flew. And I have some of his characters, and that I need to admit. So it's hard for my mom to see me cause I look a lot like him. And I now my stephdad loves me a lot, but we just can't come along...

So Is there anything Else I can do accept going away again?

Go living with other relatives I just not an option. On my stephdad his side they are al alcoholic. Tried to run me over with a car. My stephdad was alcholistic, but got something implanted before we get to know him so he isn't anymore. He had a tough past, wife who left him, finding out his children weren't his. He can't have his own children.

And on my mother side I have one aunt, but she lives on the other site of Belgium, so I need to change my study, cause they don't have it there.

Yeah I give it a week, than it goes better, and then it get worse. First it was once in two-tree years, than every year, and now almost every month. And I don't know how long I can take it...

And they already put me in a institute once because I have a depression because it's in my blood, and also everything I've been true. Those people said WE needed to go on counseling. But they just put me in another institute. Where the just said the same. So they got me out, send me to counseling, but never went them self. my mother went once, separate, father never did. And now they put it again on me... So it's a bit hard not to be rebellious if you get the fault of everyting...


I already tried to move out. But here you need to go to something they call OCMW If you wanna live on you're own but you can't financially. And the person who needs to be adviser is the same as the one my parents have (yeah, we don't have a lot of money, my mom flew with me so had nothing, and my stephdad was lifted by his own familly, and a boss who didn't pay him...). And she made clear she doesn't want me leaving my parents because it would be verry verry difficult for them to come round. I need to take childsupport in my own hands, and they need to pay a lot of my costs. And if they need to do that they just won't make it. And I love them to much for that.

Changing my caracter isn't possible. You are who you are, I've tried it, but my dad kept yelling at me, and demanding more and more and more. So yes, I stopped trying. And I really don't know it annymore.

I cutted myself, stopped because of my boyfriend, if he sees it he would kill me. But it

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  • 9 years ago

    Yeah, it's tough. You say you might have a temper, but what I think is you respond to anger with anger, although it might not be the immediate response.

    It also sounds like you're smart, have common sense, and caring.

    So if you live with your step-dad it causes friction, so much so that they threaten divorce? That's not on you.

    If you're 19 isn't there a boarding school or a dormitory or something?

  • 9 years ago

    Why not try to change your character, I mean your attitude and maybe they'll change too.

    Source(s): experience
  • Deb
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    9 years ago

    Nothing is your fault, but I would advise you to rest your ankle, then go and get a job and move away from these people. You are 19 and need to take responsibility for your own happiness, if you do not move away the cycle will continue, life is too short to live it unhappy, you are a strong woman be determined to live a better life than your parents x

  • 9 years ago

    Me doth think thou protest too much.

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