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Man of Steel (superman) 2013?

Do you think henry cavill would make a good superman , I mean he does not have that built (broad shoulders , the looks , rippin muscles etc) , they also changed the costume (theres no underwear lol) which sort of ruins it (they should have related to the original comics) plus dont you think brandon routh should have been casted for this movie.

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    Henry Cavill may actually surprise us with a more muscular superman than beloved Chris Reeves. His acting was decent in Immortals. I am hoping he will do better in Man of Steel. The last few pics I saw showed a super buff Cavill. I am optimistic.

    The costume will take a little bit of time to get used to. But I understand that they want to make this movie 'more realistic' and therefore no underwear over pants. ;-)

    I wanted Brandon Routh back for this one too. Continuity of characters is important. But seems like this is a reboot for supes and they had to go with a new actor.

    No matter how good or crappy the movie turns out to be, it will get my $14 for a show in IMAX (hopefully they'll release in IMAX).

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    A musical score isn't something which would be freely utilized in any action picture. John Williams composed his superman subject for the 1970's franchise. If the recent action picture had had to apply John Williams' song, they might have had to pay Williams for the rights, or maybe then, the song ought to no longer have in good shape the action. A musical score is meant to supplement what's on demonstrate, yet the two movies are thoroughly distinctive, with distinctive settings and characters.

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    I don't lke the costume at all....ugh!

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