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My X Girlfriend doesn't leave me alone?

We went out for a while ( a couple months) everything was bad since the beginning. We broke up but remained friends I still liked her so we tried it again...we were on and off. I decided to cut it off cause all she would do is try to get me jealous by talking to other guys...and pretending to be with them. She wanted me to chase her. I told her I hope she finds someone that'll love her and take care of her but she doesn't leave me alone! She tells every girl that I talk to that she's with me. She's even told some relatives of mine.....I'm on probation and she told my probation officer that I'm bad and all kinds of crazy things. I'm doing good now I haven't been on trouble for two yrs now. All she does is say bad things about me. She was never a good girlfriend to begin with. I had my faults in there and tried to fix it but she doesn't want to. she want me to be miserable. She stalks me on fbook. She's found out my password so many times it's not even funny anymore. I don't want to put her on blast but it's starting to get annoying. Please help!!!

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    Delete and block her of your facebook....

    Change your password to something in a different language! ( she'll never be able to guess it anymore)

    change your phone number, or block her number form your phone..

    cut out any contact with her whatsoever.

    a good girlfriend would never do the things she did to you.

    I don't even understand how you ended up with her in the first place..

    best of luck

    and maybe get yourself a new girl, start dating someone else so it's obvious you're not her bf.

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    She is a psycho and must be handled carefully ,stop all immediate contact with her.

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