Yahoo games downloaded into laptop but does not load! Help!! What's happening?

My laptop is a toshiba windows 7. I can download the (yahoo) games successfully but some will not load when I click 'open'. It only shows a brown box with the word 'LOADING...' and stays that way till the cows come home! I've tried deleting and re-downloading it, but same thing will happen. I've also tried rebooting the laptop but doesn't work too. :( please help!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hmm well it kind of sounds like your laptop is being overloaded with work and its trying to load it but just can't. So next time you try before you click on the installer right-click on the taskbar, bar next to start button, and go to task manager. Inside this new box left-click on the performance tab. There are 2 graphs here, the top one is cpu load and the bottom one is how much RAM is being used. Are either of these near the top? If either one of them is then you have something going on that is eating all your resources that needs to be fixed. If you know someone who's kinda techie I would suggest asking them. If not then hop back on here either message me with the info or ask a new question with the basics of this one + that new info I asked about. Oh and before I forget if one of them is being taxed switch back to the processes tab and if it's the CPU then organize by highest to lowest CPU by clicking the CPU tab. If it is your RAM/Memory then organize highest to lower by clicking the memory tab. Write down the top 3 and their numbers and list that information as well. It will help direct people to the source of the problem instead of sending you back with more info to get.

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