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Insanity Workout Diet?

I intend to start the Insanity program soon and understand how important diet is. Unfortunately, I have a boot-camp style class in July that runs 8-9 hours M-F and I work in healthcare which doesn't allow for multiple breaks in order to get in your 5 meals a day.

What's the best strategy to get around the diet issue? I'm going to need to intake 2500-2800 calories a day and I'd hate to try to do it in 3 meals. I know this is one of the more important things to follow to get optimal results, but I am also realistic about my career and the time I will have to eat...

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    Shakeology.......Its great when you dont have a lot of time to eat. It is simply the best meal of the day.........>

    I will give you a link in the source on the "doctors" tab and watch the short video of what they say.........>

    The co-creator of the artificial heart stands behind Shakeology.......>

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions.......>

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    Beachbody, the business corporation that makes insanity, spent hundreds of thousands of greenbacks gaining knowledge of and designing a workout consultation that must be completely adapted to those that do the insanity workout consultation. you're able to do regardless of you desire, yet while your effects are not what you think of they must be, there must be no question on your techniques as to why this is. in step with what you defined as your ingesting behavior, this is the clarification your physique does not look the style you desire it to.

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