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question for guys: so today i'm going to the beach...?

I'm a girl, today i'm going to the beach with a few friends, mainly guys.

They suggested it.

so, i keep seeing posts in sites that are written by guys and they say "Yay it's so hot, let's all go to the beach and see our friends in bikinis", like if it was so exciting.

So, is it true that guys are all excited to go to the beach to see us, girls, in bathing suits? i don't see why, it's just me wearing a bikini, why would they get horny about it.

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    It like seeing hot girls in bras and panties. Guys like to look at that. Wouldn't you like to look at an attractive guy more if he took some clothes off.

  • 9 years ago

    Guys like boobs enough said

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    In general, guys are more visual than girls when it comes to the opposite sex, so, yes, it is true about guys going to the beach for the "scenery."

    Why would they get horney about it? Guys are hardwired to get horney over girls: it's our curse. Your curse is putting up with us. :-D

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    9 years ago

    I hope you're not a 12 yr old asking this. Cause it sure sounds like it...

    Source(s): Anyway, they wanna see your ass and tits if you couldn't figure that out.
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    For any guy it is visually stimulating, so be careful about which guys you are with.

    So to answer your questions "yes" to the first. To the second, guys love when girls hang out with them at the beach because they want to look at them. As I said before it is visually stimulating because as a guy myself we visualize what could happen. Be careful not many guys train themselves to just have fun at the beach instead of checking girls in bathing suits.

    I wish you the best; piece of advice where swim shorts so they don't get all googly eyed.

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    Ignoring question due to lack of water and stamina so will move straight into body of question.

    The relaxed and calm tone shows an easy going character, slightly dishearted by something but somewhat confident.

    Modesty reeks in between the lines, "'s just me wearing a bikini, why would they get horny about it?" When girls aren't fully clothed guys can safetly walk past them in public without getting a "*****". When they see girls legs, bum and near to naked fantasies become more realistic and so they become excited because their dreams are coming to life.

    Of course not all guys are excited to see girls in bikini's if they knew the truth... Girls also eat KFC in a gruesome way inside houses while brothers buy it for them, girls also burp, fart, sweat and smell after heavy exercise. In the mornings all humans will smell and faces are slightly cramped up from the exposure to light (been in dark for time) to the eyes.

    Overall id rather play and look at my dog, observe sea shells and swim with my dog - imagine, a swimming dog, thats even better.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hallo its true they get excited,the more skin guys see the more the excitement the less skin exposed the less the excitement.

  • Mark
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    9 years ago

    You'll find out by the end of the day, today.

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