Is it true that lesbians and gays cheat more than straight people?

I recently discovered my sexuality and realised I really love butch/androgynous women and was in my first gay r/ship with a girl 4 years younger than me (26 vs 22). After 3 months, she cheated on me while vacationing in Europe.

I was never comfortable with a man. Everytime after intimacy I feel empty and I feel suffocated especially even lying next to a man in bed. With my GF I was always happy and I could fall asleep in her arms. Something I never did while with a man.

I realise that it seems that gay people tend to cheat alot. Women of course being women and indecisive tend to seem to give up their partners just for someone better. Sometimes I felt I was just with her until someone better came along. I was very serious in the relationship and perhaps made the mistake of planning too far ahead for our lives together.

Straight people can get married, plan for a wedding, have kids etc.. I am sometimes envious of this because I live in an Asian country where homosexuality is frowned upon. I tried praying the gay away in church for about 3 years and it didn't work out. However in seems impossible to be in a committed gay/lesbian relationship. I can't think straight anymore. I really need some advice.

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    9 years ago
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    LOL! Nope, actually the contrary might hold more truth. Since it's hard to find partners for gay poeple other than in gay bars.

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    No, it ruddy isn't true. You might have bad luck but it doesn't mean we all do.

    Since being gay is frowned on in your country you've most likely been taught that gay folks are unreliable cheaters and believe it's true. The issue here is not gay people, but your perception of them/us.

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    9 years ago

    you must still be very young not to know that ALL men "cheat" It is how we are wired.

    And nowadays most women do, too.

    Hogamus higamus, men are ploygamous.

    Higamus hogamus, women monogamous"

    (William James Psychologist and Philosopher.)

    The bit about women was largely true 100 years ago, by the way.

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