where can i order the peru vs colombia wcq game?

i want to watch it on tv, and i have cablevision. is it going to be on pay per view? or any other channel? thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am looking for the game on Cablevision as well. I checked the pay per view cablevision page (Which might change until then) and didn't see the game. One time I saw Colombia vs Argentina (WCQ) on the Cablevision pay per view schedule and almost bought it but I found out they were showing it 2 hours after the game started playing. They said it was a mistake. I can give you a link to a site I use for so many games (Even minor games from Colombian leagues sometimes).

    Go Colombia!

    Source(s): myp2p.pe (Site for games and Peru vs Colombia http://www.optimum.com/digital-cable-tv/ppv.jsp (Cablevision Pay-per-view)
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