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WHY does she only speak to me when I'm not paying her any attention? SOMEONE HELP!?

I'm 18 and I got to college, now there is this 18 year old in some of my classes, I try and talk to her but she's always talking to some other meat head who practically lives in the gym I recently gave up and just stopped even trying to say hi to her anymore then suddenly when our class finishes she walks up to me and gets all in my face repeatedly yelling "What, what what" and tried attracting MY attention..

Now here is stupid me again thinking there's hope so I try and talk to her again etc but she again ignores me... And this muscle head dumb a$$ and her are always arguing in class and he's always saying that she wished that he would date her and they always fight and they're doing it as a joke but I know he has a thing for her... and he has a girlfriend already...

So again I try to have a civil conversation she ignores me.. Then i give up and stop talking to her and THEN she starts to talk to me.. I start talking and she ignores me and tells me to leave her alone, Now again I stop talking to her but she decides to make fun of me.. I asked her what her problem was she said "You're my problem" i'm thinking that she is just plain stupid and I treat her like a little kid now because from what i've seen my 10 year old cousin has more sense than her.. So I'm wondering.. Why does she only talk to me when I ignore her and whats up with this meat head guy, why are they so.. Immature? Even lecturers stop and tell them off because they are so disrupting What's her deal, I'm not immature enough for her?

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    Stop wasting your time! Doesn't sound like she's interested, and your right - she does sound abit immature. If she liked you, she would want to talk to you and make the effort to engage in conversation with you when you give her the chance - which she doesn't seem to be. As for her only speaking to you when you don't pay her attention - don't know about that one!

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