What would happen if you arc welded an assembled gun?

Lets say you stuck the stick from an electric arc welder against a fully-assembled semiautomatic pistol. For ease, we'll say the gun is all metal. There are a lot of gaps, so would the gun weld itself together? And is there enough power flowing through it to ignite the powder in the ammunition if the weapon is loaded?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Kim is pretty much right about it not welding.

    The gun assembly may get hot enough to explode the ammo. They use arc welders (smaw) to thaw pipes in the winter. It works but make sure that you turn the welder off before connecting the ground and electrode holder!

    Source(s): 35 years welding.
  • Kim
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    9 years ago

    As for setting off the ammo...dont know, thats an interesting question but I can tell you that simply shorting out the gun with a welder will not weld it together. You would have to actually weld the parts together....

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