Hell is fake????????????????????????????

So i done adult mistakes on my life,And i am scared to go to hell,Do you thing hell is real?


@ If your happy and you know it

Yeah but many videos on youtube are same title :

11 years go to heaven and tell what he say,A old man dies and come backs,11 Years old draws hell

Bla bla bla,Already many articles like it are on internet..

Update 2:

I wanted to chose everybody as best answer,Who says hell are fake lol

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    Burning hell is Fake, you are correct!!

    Consider the case of the righteous man Job, who suffered much. Wishing to escape his plight, he pleaded: “Who will grant me this, that thou mayest protect me in hell [Sheol], and hide me till thy wrath pass?” (Job 14:13, Douay Version) How unreasonable to think that Job desired to go to a fiery-hot place for protection! To Job, “hell” was simply the grave, where his suffering would end. The Bible hell, then, is the common grave of mankind where good people as well as bad ones go.

  • 9 years ago

    Here is the definition of hell.

    Definition: The word “hell” is found in many Bible translations. In the same verses other translations read “the grave,” “the world of the dead,” and so forth. Other Bibles simply transliterate the original-language words that are sometimes rendered “hell”; that is, they express them with the letters of our alphabet but leave the words untranslated. What are those words? The Hebrew she’ohl′ and its Greek equivalent hai′des, which refer, not to an individual burial place, but to the common grave of dead mankind; also the Greek ge′en·na, which is used as a symbol of eternal destruction. However, both in Christendom and in many non-Christian religions it is taught that hell is a place inhabited by demons and where the wicked, after death, are punished (and some believe that this is with torment).

    Notic that biblically the word hell refers to the common grave of manfind. Not a place of torment.“Much confusion and misunderstanding has been caused through the early translators of the Bible persistently rendering the Hebrew Sheol and the Greek Hades and Gehenna by the word hell. The simple transliteration of these words by the translators of the revised editions of the Bible has not sufficed to appreciably clear up this confusion and misconception.”—The Encyclopedia Americana (1942), Vol. XIV, p. 81

    Notice what the bible actually says about the condition of the dead.

    Eccl. 9:5: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.”

    Ps. 146:4: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish.”

    Acts 24:15: “I have hope toward God . . . that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Both those who lived in harmony with God’s righteous ways and people who, out of ignorance, did unrighteous things will be resurrected. The Bible does not answer all our questions as to whether certain specific individuals who have died will be resurrected. But we can be confident that God, who knows all the facts, will act impartially, with justice tempered by mercy that does not ignore his righteous standards

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    9 years ago

    Hell is fake ......

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is either real or it isn't.

    Why would your knowing what I think about it make any difference?

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  • 9 years ago

    Hell isn't a fake... not exactly. It's just not what the churches teach it is. Fiction: Hell is a place where your sinful soul burns for eternity. Fact: Hell is nothing but mankind's common grave.

  • Mercer
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    9 years ago

    No hell was created out of fear. Hell didn't even really exist in the bible as we came to know of it today. If we think hell is fake or real than we have to ask if the bible is the truth or was made up. You have to read the bible and decide why the bible was really put together and taught. Once you figure if the bible is fiction than you can also conclude that hell doesn't exist.

    Just consider the world being 4.5 billion years old. Why was the world here so long and religion has only been around so many thousands of years? That is because people created it when we first was discovering ourselves as human beings.

    Yes hell is fake and made up long ago from stories and words. It was adopted by cultures to dictate, control and teach young people. People than over time believed it to be real, but real it is not. Made up like so many other things we believe to be true.

  • 9 years ago

    If Jesus is real then hell is real. If people or so sure that Jesus is not real why waste all your time fighting with Christians.

  • 9 years ago

    Jesus apparently thought Hell was real as he taught more about it than he did about Heaven.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No it's not, is says so in the Bibble.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hell is real

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