Have you ever asked yourself "am i normal?" as a teenager?

it seems that all the teenagers around me are perfect and happy, and they think im that way too because im just all smiles at school but i actually have disordered eating, chew and spit and used to be bulimic. there is so much pressure from my parents to come first in everything and i just feel like im breaking apart and i think im soo abnormal, and my dad keeps going on and on about the only way hell be proud of me is if i come first in all subjects and get to 85 pounds which is 39 kg by the way, and im 5ft3inches (159cm) and he keeps talking about how im gonna have an arranged marriage and thats the only way and that i have to become a doctor and get married to an indian doctor all that **** and i wanna be a pilot.

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    9 years ago
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    You should be proud of your work. Have some pride, even I have a big dream but I don't have like amazing grades at all. My dream is to become a film producer, WOAH you'll probably think. Iwas only 14 but I still do believe, life is what you make it. I think I'm weird and abnormal myself. I'm like so shy, I talk to no one at school. I only have a few of friends, and that takes guts for me to say that. People call me the unspeakable, silent character, or some kind but don't even actually TRY to get to know me. That's what is breaking me apart. Don't think you're alone, many are in the same situation.

    Tell your parents that you don't want to upset them but you have a dream. If your parent takes control than your dream is useless. Tell them, that it means a lot, when they were younger they probably have been in the same situation, having their future arrange is no adulthood (like childhood, get me?) But yeah, my parent asked me about arrange marriage, lol I'm young and they already start talking about this. They told me the same **** of my arranged future; doctor, marriage. I said If they were to arrange marriage, then it's forcing me to marry someone whom I didn't get to know, or truly love, it clearly got to them, try explaining your reasons, and a decided future by them would only make them happy, what about myself? Sure we'll will earn many bucks but look money can't find happiness except that really expensive Ice cream Sundae (that I've never eaten) Getting a happy adulthood is what best for you.

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    i'm a teenager and while i exchange into at college thats what I asked myself lower back and lower back!!! Now that i'm working and that i see maximum adults appearing in simple terms like the little ones in my extreme college i would be unable to help yet ask is that what i would be like in 10 years??? lol

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    9 years ago

    What's the point of asking that? Who knows/cares what normal is?

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