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Mittens says Donald Trump is a BIG plus to his candidacy; why do we disagree with that foolishness?

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    Trump is an ignoramus and a bigot and Mittens already looks like a total moron with abusing his dog, and attacking an innocent kid with scissors as a teen. They are both total morons with money but morons anyways.

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    Trump is a big plus for Romney,he will help Romney send Obama back to Kenya with his fake birth certificate,Even Trump is smarter than Obama,democrats are so jealouse of trump,they know he will be a great help to Romney,Im a democrat but I am voting for Romney because he is the best,

  • Skitz
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    9 years ago

    What the republican party doesn't under stand is this..

    Much like Miley Cyrus or the rabid sea-beast perched on his head, the Trump can't be tamed. The Trump will make this about the Trump because the Trump is a brand. A 3 billion dollar brand. The Trump knows how to buy friends and influence people and has his own show. The Trump has Palins personal number. The Trump has gone national.

    Do not tempt the Trump, the Trump has powers not even the Trump understands.

  • 9 years ago

    You realize that all these politicians are scumbags, why are you so opposed to Romney? Regardless of who is president nothing will change, the president does not have the power to eliminate corrupt congressmen. Relax, and you don't need to push a political agenda unless your getting paid.

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