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What sort of exotic fish should I put in my pond?

My pond is 2 metres by 1 metre and 30 cm deep. There is plenty of duckweed cover and I feed them regularly. I already have 3 large goldfish, 5 small goldfish, 1 Shambuchen (not sure that's how you spell it), 1 small catfish and 1 blackmoor. I really want about three more fish. I was thinking about a koi, and I think I will get one, but I want something really exotic and colorful as well. Any recommendations?

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    It sounds pretty well stocked and your pond is too small for Koi - which can get over 30cm tall so it wouldn't have anywhere to swim! Koi need ponds at least 1 metre deep 2 metres square.

    If you don't live in a tropical region of the world, more exotic fish won't do very well anyway. And there are invasive species issues when putting exotic but coldwater fish in a pond where they could be picked up by predators, or flooded out, and end up in wild waterways.

    p.s. it's spelt Shubunkin.

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    some exotic fish you cannot put in your pond because im guessing it isnt heated, some fish need special climate temperature

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