Why is it taking so much time for people to understand that Christianity and Islam is bigoted and false?

This is the message of Christianity and also islam, You don't see a Hindu saying that everyone goes to hell who does not believe in their God/gods. They believe that there are many paths in which one can reach the truth and respect other religions. So are Buddhists. But christians and Muslims say that you can be forgiven if you do anything whether it is rape, murder, adultery etc but the only thing you cannot be forgiven for is to not be a Christian or Muslim. That is highly convenient. It is like saying do it and believe it or you are going to hell. I LOVE YOU.


@nononsense. They also say that you should kill your neighbour for working on sundays/sabbath day at the same time.

Update 2:

@nononsense. What about this? Thou shall not have any other Gods before me (That would include Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Zeus, Apollo, thor, Poseidon, Allah, etc)

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