Why do One Piece chapters take so long to come out?

I have noticed that I always see Naruto and Bleach chapters out hours before the One Piece chapters, why is this? Aren't they all released at the same time in Japan? I thought they were all released in the same magazine? If someone could clarify this it would be greatly appreciated =)

Note: I realize that all chapters of different manga won't be on the internet at the same time, I am simply wondering why One Piece takes so much longer than Naruto/Bleach?


@Emo, sorry if I came off like I was complaining. I was simply wondering why this was. People try very hard to make these manga chapters available for people like me, I would never complain about something like that.

Update 2:

@Raphael, you completely misunderstood the whole purpose of this question. Please calm yourself before jumping to conclusions and making yourself look like an idiot. I respect the work you do, I however, don't respect rude a$$holes.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes it's true they are published in the same magazine ( Shounen Jump ) and they don't even come out on Wednesday , in Japan SJ comes out on Sunday or Monday depending on where you live .

    basically it's all up the scan group , the big 3 are done 99% of the time by the same scan group , all of three of them don't come out at the same time , In my experience Naruto comes first , half an hour later it's Bleach and after wards OP , it's the scanlators choice which they release first , it might be because the translators want to read OP last so they do it last or simply because OP has more content than both naruto an Bleach , in my book I think we should be grateful someone is putting the time and effort to do them .

  • 9 years ago

    because you don't do a damn thing to help us!! why don't YOU try to translate, scan, clean and do all that shiz! don't complain when all you do is wait and read

  • 9 years ago

    please be patient.

    we netizens are in the mercy of other netizen who has access to Weekly Shounen Jump Japan publication. they are the one who has the magazine, who has the willingness to scan, who has the willingness to translate, to clean, to re-type the translation & to upload it, for free ... you're not paying a penny to read nor help them to translate it from Japanese right?

    so, please be patient.

    some cases I found in the past, when one fans nag about this the scanlation group immediately stop the distribution.

    + emo

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