Whats Gone Wrong with my Generations Music these dyas?

Like whats up with Skrillex and Knife Party etc etc, like it isnt music in fact to me its ruining it what ever happend to the good cold play and not the one now with their techno music, i liked the 90's and 80's and even some 70' and some early 00's but once 2008 hit techno **** came into play? some one tell me whats going on here?!?!


I am Aware that there was Techno type music in the 80's and 90's but not to this extent, music should be played by an instrument not by a computer

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  • Bec
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    9 years ago
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    To some extent I agree with you as I dislike basically everything that's in the charts at the moment. But I prefer liking music that is a bit less common (or still current but not so in the charts/on tv/radio etc).

    But there's always going to be songs or styles I don't like even from bands/genres I do like. It's just part of music. And music comes and goes. Give it 3 years and some more 70s sounding bands may appear and be popular. In 10 years rap might be really popular.

  • 4 years ago

    seems such as you're dealing with what i went via a protracted time in the past. I felt after 1975 distinctly much all music went downhill. The 60's wete great. television shows have been all good. those days anybody is in simple terms centred on seems. You dont want expertise. If a woman has vast boobs and intensely skinny physique thats all that concerns and if she cant sing you in basic terms turn the quantity down. Disco got here out and that i hated that. Then punk and that i hated that much extra. Then rap crap got here out and that i jated that the extra severe. I in simple terms purchase cds and hear my 50's, 60's and mid 70's music. i purchase dvds regularly older movies that made sense and had a plot. Singers and actors as quickly as had a project observed as expertise. those days expertise is out the window and seems are in.

  • 9 years ago

    I ask my self the same question every day! I just ignore the crap music now a days by plugging my headphones in and listening to 80s rock!!

  • 9 years ago

    You do know that there was techno back in the good old 90s too, right? Just because you don't like a particular style of music doesn't mean that all music is ruined. For every Skrillex there's a Mumford & Sons. Find what you like and enjoy it without trying to bring everyone else down.

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