Why am i soo obsessed with my car?

I have a White 2000 Toyota Corolla currently worth around $3500 Market value. Why am i soo obsessed with wanting to get the whole car painted orange (my favourite colour) and chance the exhaust, window tints and side mirror for the same price or more than what the car is worth?? Does any one else think this is ridiculous?? I want to keep it forever and even if the engine cuts out i'd want to replace it rather than buy a new car... Am i the only person who thinks this stupid way???

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    What's it worth to you? That's what matters. I'll be driving my 2001 nissan till it dies more than likely. If your car's engine dies one day, you're feelings about it will change...on a dime. I've been there. Even with the best care the engine internals will degrade over time. During this time, all of the interior amenities also degrade, as does everything else on the entire car. So getting a new engine in say 2020, that's only 8 years from now....you won't feel the same as you do now. Paint and all that.....usually impractical, but people do these things. So, what's it worth? Best thing is to set that money aside for a down payment...on an orange car.

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