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can red eared sliders live in hard water?

The tap water here has little higher mineral content than usual . The fish kept in that water died

(in 8-9 months) . The tank was cleaned in every 20 days or so . it had a proper filter but the fish still died.

Is it safe to keep red eared slider in that water ????????

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    I wouldn't recommend it unless you clean your turtle's shell regularly with warm water using a toothbrush. If you are concerned about the health of your turtle in water like that, I suggest picking up store bought bottled water (Distilled would probably be best) and mix about half of it maybe less in with the tap water. It will help regulate the amount of minerals going into the water and will be healthier for the turtle. Even if red-ears live in water it's a good idea to clean their shell for them regularly.

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    hi! you will possibly desire a water heater, a clear out, a thermometer, a lamp with a UVB/UVA bulb and a community for basking. it is in many situations a rock or a chew of timber from exterior or a save offered dock. you need to use the water out of your faucet untreated in case you have good water high quality the place you reside. while you're disturbing related to the quantity of chlorine interior the water, permit it take a seat in one day before putting it interior the tank. The temperature of the water could be seventy 5 levels. The basking section could be saved at ninety levels. i individually do no longer propose upload-ons in a turtle tank. Turtles are very messy and the extra belongings you put in a tank the extra you're able to scrub. some people opt to place gravel interior the backside, yet i do in comparison to this as, back that is not any longer consumer-friendly to scrub and is additionally risky if the turtle eats it. an option to a tank is to get a baby's play pool as they're lots extra much less costly. wish that enables!

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    Yes, but mind that the minerals in the water will build up on your turtle's shell making it look white, with green/brown splotches here and there. Basically it will look displeasing.

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