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Year 10 English Assignment - Macbeth... Help?

Write a 1000 magazine style article investigating Shakespeare's techniques in creating such a drama of personal loss and suffering, & how the elements of tragedy are so cleverly conveyed.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated!


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  • felker
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    i might locate an occasion of fulfillment that may no longer very final, then write 2-3 sentences approximately it and an occasion of failure that may no longer very final and write 2-3 sentences approximately it, then a end sentence concerning the style you need to proceed regardless of in case you fail or suceed. you need to use Britain gaining land and colonies interior the recent worldwide (fulfillment) then dropping it in the time of the well known conflict (no longer very final). yet another occasion for failure must be... hmmm, i'm understanding of innovations. perchance a pill this is denied in Congress, then surpassed via the president? Or a king that loses his throne then comes back? good success!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i used this site when i was in highschool , this site has chapter summaries, opionions and all sorts of things

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