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What are the best graphics cards for the Power Mac G4?

I recently bought a Power Mac G4 AGP at a yard sale. It came w an ATi Rage 128 Pro card. Are there better ones I could get and if so, for how much (or little). Thanks.


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    I believe there is a 256 card available, but the question is why would you need it? The G4 series in particular are very old and even a 256 wouldn't be able to do much these days. If for some reason you feel you absolutely need one, they're about $100 on eBay

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    regularly with Macs, the insides are no longer to any extent further meant to be touched. it may probable be finished, yet you're able to desire to do it at your individual threat. make optimistic the cardboard you install is properly suitable with Mac and has Mac drivers accessible. optimal retail enjoying cards are workstation in fact.

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