Which one is better? DSi XL or PSP 3000 or PSP go?

Hi. i want to ask u about those consoles plus minus. it seems my favourite games are on all of them. i like loveplus that only on DS. but in other side, i also like the yugioh tag force that only on psp (ds has yugioh too, but the graphics are horrible)

i also like the screens in XL. they are bigger and touchable, but the resolution is worse than the psp

so which one should i buy?

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  • Brian
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    9 years ago
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    PSP 3000 for sure. Its the latest version of PSP, has the better graphics, bigger screen and would definitely suit your gaming needs.

    Review from an Owner of PSP, should be helpful on this Decision:


    PSP Go has an issue that you have to download the game on HDD which always take a good amount of time to get games on the PSP GO!

    While DSi XL would definitely have low amount of hardcore games and a huge amount of casual games.

    Source(s): http://budurl.com/PSPCore (Price for PSP after Discount) http://budurl.com/PSPgoConsole (Price for PSP Go after Discount) http://budurl.com/DSiXL (Price for DSi XL after Discount)
  • exy
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    4 years ago

    PSP 2000. 3000 has some demonstrate subjects and has a somewhat worse battery existence. additionally that is unhackable conventionally (Pandora battery) so which you will perhaps flash the RAM - which lasts till you capability the console off then you certainly gotta do it back (i take advantage of standby mode to sidestep that).

  • 9 years ago

    Try to get Psvita,if not then 3ds...if not then i would suggest psp 3000....i have psp go ,2000,dsi (nonxl)....psp 3000 is the best (comfortable,media freaak,makes phone calls with skype,has videocalling with Go!messenger(non available everywhere),compatible with external psp camera,has tv output, umd compatible,has PSN, has good graphics,if hacked could have many apps similar to smartphones', has demos,doesn't look cheap,biggest screen,mic,sleak,PSP 3000 definitely....try psvita and 3ds,i also have psvita and the 3ds and they're amazing

  • 9 years ago

    None of them because game are discontinued pretty much on both and PSP Go plays the same as PSP 3000 so either are the as far as just playing the games go

    Get the 3DS because it has been releasing games like crazy and will do it for years to come

    PSP Vita has little games and has no plans to release a lot because it hasn't been in the making for years so its less likely to get a lot of games in the next year or so

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  • 9 years ago

    any DS


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