Karolee asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 9 years ago

what is a good andis clipper for fading?

im just starting to be a barber


besides the fade master

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  • 9 years ago
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    Andis Speed Master II Clipper is good, are you required to have andis because all the barbers i know go for the osters 76. They are more expensive but for barbering they have the tools for the right techniques. They will also last you about twenty years the only thing you might need to replace is one minor thing near the blade (i forget what its called) once every ten years. The blades are pricy but you can start up with guards and save up money towards the blades.. check out your local sallys.. or if you have something that proves you're in school or a license if there is a cosmo prof near you, check there first. They are having their 10% sale on the 10th and 11th of june.. Good luck

    Source(s): i am a licensed cosmetologist and also work at cosmo prof!
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