Who is Victor Newman's mother, father, & has there been any reference to his family?

been a fan for 25+ yrs, but don't remember Victor's past!



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    Victor's father is Albert Miller (died 2003), who abandoned his family causing Victor to be raised in an orphanage.

    Victor's mother is Cora Miller (deceased), who was forced to put a seven year old Victor in an orphange after her husband abandoned his family

    Second Generation

    Victor Newman (born as Christian Miller)

    Patriarch of the Newman family. Father of Victoria Newman Abbott and Nicholas Newman (with Nikki Reed), Adam Newman (with Hope Adams) and Abby Newman (with Ashley Abbott). Victor is a world reowned billionaire businessman that founded and is currently chairman of Newman Enterprises, a multinational conglomerate. Victor has been married nine times (in some cases married multiple times to the same person) Victor's former wives include: Julia Newman, Nikki Reed, Leanna Love Randolph, Ashley Abbott, Hope Adams, Diane Jenkins, and Sabrina Costelana. Jack Abbott is his arch rival. He doesn't have a good relationship with his son, Adam and does not like his only son-in-law Billy Abbott. He is grandfather to Nick's children Cassie Newman(deceased), Noah Newman and Faith Newman, (with Sharon Collins Newman) and Summer Newman (with Phyllis Summers Newman) and Victoria's son Reed Hellstrom (with J.T. Hellstrom).

    Matthew Miller

    Victor's brother who lives out of town.

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