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Do anorexic people eat junk food? Why?

I met an anorexic girl online and she said she loves pepsi and drinks it everyday. Also, she mentioned in a post once that she ate a lot of chocolate that day. By the way I know she is actually an anoexic girl because she has posted pics of her body in bikini's and I know she drinks pepsi cuase she has posted pics of her drinking pepsi.

Also, earlier this school year I found out a girl I sit with at school in school was/ is struggling with bulimia. But she brings unhealthy foods to lunch, like chips and candy! Don't get me wrong, I feel bad that they are in such a bad condition and I'm thankful they are eating, but I don't get how they can eat junk food when they are extremely worried about their body/ weight. It just doesn't make sense to me.

I'm wondering if all or most people struggling with an eating disorder eat junk food? & how is it possibly for them to eat badly when they are so concerned about their weight?

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    When you have an eating disorder you have a mental health problem and so are not thinking rationally. Also, once you eat under a certain amount of calories a day your brain does not function effectively so your thoughts and behaviour become erratic.

    For most people with an under eating disorder, they started limiting calories because of their love of junk food. They would eat something they shouldn't and then not eat afterwards to make up for the calories in what they'd already eaten. Protein and vegetables start to go out the window to make room for their favourite carbs. Drinks like Pepsi are often a favourite because they can drink the sugar free versions and have the junk food buzz without worrying about the calories. In time the focus becomes more and more on not eating whilst all the time obsessing about their favourite foods, often junk foods.

    There is however one kind of eating disorder that focuses on healthy eating - but to the extreme that it is no longer healthy. That's called orthorexia nervosa.

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    sure, in case you ought to minimize your self to precise quantities of nutrients, it is an ingesting affliction, i suffered from anorexia yet i additionally had orthorexia (meaning i in ordinary terms ate healthful issues like fruit and veg) yet i be conscious of alternative females who've suffered from anorexia who did the comparable element as you and ate something as long because it replaced into of their calorie intake minimize, please get this taken care of as quickly as achievable, as quickly as anoreixa sucks you in its terrible, it is so risky, i extremely replaced into very on the brink of killing myself because of the fact of it, get help as quickly as achievable, im so chuffed i did, otherwise i'd have not been able to respond to this question!

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    Their concern about their body and weight and their relationship to food is a disorder not a healthy interest. So they do not behave rationally. Eating junk is not too bad a problem in the short term. All substances sold as food are basically nutritious to some degree.

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    Anorexia is an eating disorder. As such, people suffering form this do not follow set rules of what they eat or don't eat. They are disfunctional, irregular eaters with real mental issues. As such it's only natural that "junk" food or convenience foods would play a part in this. Have you ever gone shoping when hungry? try it. You'll find yourself wanting to buy: Crisps (carbohydrates) Chocolate and sugary drinks (energy) that the body craves because it has not been fuelled properly.

    This is why these people gravitate towards "junk" food at times. They also sometimes have skewedd ratioanle when it comes to foods, they may talk themselves into eating certain foods (junk) and avoiding others (e.g. potatoes, beans- carbs+weight gain in their minds anyway)

    As a mental problem i can imagine it burns a lot of energy being so messed up and constantly thinking and worrying about food, in my honest opinion.

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