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How come nothing about Melky Cabrera in yahoo sports articles?

He broke the Giants franchise record for most hits in May with 50 hits, passing Willie Mays who had 49 hits back in 1958. He just busted a 54 year record held by the greatest outfielder of all time, why no love from the media?

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    Anytime you do something that allows you to be compared to Mays in a positive way is notable. Perhaps there are some that think that Melky is not Mays and don't want to aknowledge that he bested him at all.

    Yeah, it is only a team monthly record, but it is an old and storied franchise that has had smany great players through time.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Because ESPN, MLB Network and all the sports buffs on tv are in love with the east coast teams...the Giants aren't an east coast team. :(

  • Erich
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    9 years ago

    Breaking a team record for hits in a specific month really isn't that big of a deal. The fact that he's on the Giants doesn't help.

    There isnt even anything on the team website, showing that it's not really revelent.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Team records aren't a big deal and the Giants aren't an interesting team.

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