R&P: Good morning(ish)..?

MQ: Favourite songs that hold a lot energy and are happy, ones that would get you out of bed dancing? I need to wake up properly!

BQ: Funniest way to wake someone up? Funny for you..

BQ2: Given any choice where would you sleep tonight?


Very early morning to you Satan!

@Ryan, so envious of you right now and lol at you dancing to that song.

Update 2:

@Miss Ann Thrope, well it's morning here.. well 12:03 now

Update 3:

@GOB Bluth, yeah sure you can, sure my brother won't mind top and tailing with you..

Update 4:

@Lord.. really?? You'd want to sleep on top of that? Sat upright on it or what?:).. looks uncomfortable either way..

Update 5:

@Mucky.. lazy!

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