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My manager wants to fire me? Help!?

Hi I work in a major company with rules and conditions. I have a manager who has never liked me and just the other day he told me he's going to do everything he can to make sure I get fired! I did not contact the job on a day I was missing, now the rules should be I just get a first stage warning until anything else happens! But he made it clear he's out to get me? He has been cursing and physically pushed me when were Alone and I was told by shop stewards I can't do anything because there was no witnesses! What do I do?


Thanks for the replies, I totally understand nocallnoshow Is sackable I'm most companies and I realize in my company i will be recieving warning! I'm just worried about the harassment and how its possible that he can curse and physically push me when nobodies around and get away with it? Can I knock him out (kiddin) but seriously there must be something I can do?

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    he is a bad boss.

    you are a bad employee.

    play the game here, get him one on one and ask him why he is treating you like this.

    keyword here is one on one, these people play up to a crowd, and i am guessing you have lipped him in front of other people, this is usually the cause, (sorry but true)

    become his friend by starting to do part of his job, he will be greatful and may allow you to take more of his job, he will voluntarily do this, as a bad boss. slowly steal his job from under his nose, until you are his job, then go to his superior and tell them what you do, and ask for his job.

    this is workplace game, smart people do this all the time, however, i am guessing you have neither the determination or the savvy to complete this.

    in which case he is the better man you have lost, so just leave.

    you cant win em all all and he has superior positioning and knowledge of workplace game.

    love and peace


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    Hey, welcome to the land of industrial bullying.

    The guy is a bully, he must be bullying others, it's in the nature of the beast. Your shop steward is a waste of space if that's the attitude he takes.

    I suggest three things you can do...

    1) Get a new job, that's what he wants you to do. So the bully wins

    2) make sure you have witnesses with you at all times you might meet the manager. Probably he will behave perfectly well because there are witnesses.

    3) A risky strategy... wait until there are no witnesses and beat the living c**p out of the guy. This is extremely illegal and you probably shouldn't try it at all.


    3) Go talk to yoru union, not the gutless representative you have on site. The union lawyers for instance. There will be others he's picked on, they can build a case.

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    Well I don't know about your company, but any company I've ever worked for, a no-call-no-show is an automatic termination, so consider yourself lucky in that regard. If he physically pushed you or made you feel uncomfortable, just ask to fill out an incident report. Until then, your accusations hold no ground in court or anywhere else. If that doesn't work out, contact your company's ERC or Employee Response Center, or simply speak to whoever is above him.

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    Buy him biscuits and he will love you forever

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