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AM I PREGNANT!?! Please help meeeee!?!?!?!?

I had my period, and on the 7th day of my period I had unprotected sex like the 2nd week of may. he didn't *** in me or anything. I haven't gotten my period yet. they're really irregular, ive shown no signs of pregnancy yet, but I'm just waiting for my period to come, last month I came on the 29th and it carried over into may. What should I do now? I'm freaking out

I've had white milky discharge coming out......could I get my period sooon?

Oh I did it on the days that I was NOT fertile

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    Yes you are pregnant...

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    If you did it on the 7th day of your period it's scientifically impossible to get pregnant, there are no ready eggs then to get fertile... Good luck with that and be careful next time. :)

    P.S. to all if you're not ready for a baby don't do it unprotected.

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    Just calm down. I know its crazy and scary. Im qoinq thru the same. It is posible cause of the pre ejaculation all quys do when doinq it. But your chnces are very very slim. You could actually do blood exam by now. It shows after the 7 to 10 day off doinq it.

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    NEWSFLASH theres something that is called "pre ***". your probably pregnant. yo im no one to judge but why are you not protecting yourself? its not that hard wear a condom or use a method. dont take the chance to bring a child in this planet then you cant even maintain him. be more responsible and this is coming from a 17 year old so WAKE YA GAME UP and get it together.

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