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what is the perfect weight for me?

what is a(n) perfect weight, underweight and overweight for me?

im 13

im 162cm or 5'4

im a girl

im medium boned

please no stupid answers

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    The recommended weight for someone of this height is between 116 and 145 pounds. Since you are 13 and probably still growing, and "perfect" weight range can fluctuate a little bit. Ask your doctor if you are in a good weight range!

    Hope this helps :)

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    Hi there. There is no "perfect weight"for anyone. A lot depends on your genes that you have inherited from your parents, your diet, exercise and general wellbeing. Plus, being as there is no picture of you to be able to judge from, it is very hard to put an exact answere here. Sorry but we are what we are. What do you think you should be like? That is very important as if we do not love ourselves for who we are then we cannot expect anyone else to love us. Just be who and what you are because no one is perfect in any description.

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