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Did i do the wrong thing?

Me and my gf have been together for just over a year now, shes 17 and im 18. Anyway, during that three years i dated another girl, it was a terrible relationship in the end and i regret being part of it, but my gf has never really gotten past the fact that i dated her and frequently asked questions about my relationship with her. But about 7 months ago i had a dream about my ex and woke up and i had slight feelings for her again, so i called her and told her this: "i have feelings for you but i dont love you and never will again, i dont ever want to be with you again" and these feelings then went away and i didnt tell my girlfriend about because i thought it would make her feel insecure. Recently she found out it happened, but i stupidly denied it for a while, and then came clean, and now understandably shes incredibly mad at me... i thought i was being the good guy here, i only had good intentions for our relationship, but she wont listen to me. i just want to know if im in the wrong here.

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    I think you did the right thing by telling your girlfriend about this, but at the same time, you still did the wrong thing by contacting your ex. Having questionable feelings towards your ex can be normal sometimes, but contacting her was a big no no, and so was lying about it. And just because you fessed up to it, doesn't make it ok.

    I also think it was pretty harsh of you to contact your ex like that. But what's done is done. Learn from your mistakes, apologize to your gf, do nice/sweet things for her to make her feel better, maybe give her some space, then keep going on with life.

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    of course you done wrong

    - you had a dream, which lead you to ring your ex girlfriend and admit you have feelings for her, though you said you won't ever act on them

    - when your girlfriend found out - instead of coming clean straight up, you denied it which makes it the whole situation all the more worse.

    Of course your girlfriend would feel insecure and mad angry at you, you told your ex you still have feelings, this on it's own is a huge no no, it was a dream, you shouldn't of even rung your ex, especially to say what you did.

    If you want to try and fix it - see if your girlfriend will meet up with you, and just explain

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    Yes you are in the wrong! Ask to meet in person explain everything like you did here and ask if you can be forgived.. Glad to help and good luck (:

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