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Please help. I'm in a pickle!!?

I have been writing a book and my character names are blank. I write them as just a little blank. I have tried everything! So just a list of full names first middle and last please maybe even some names for siblings that go well together. Please help I am picky (that's why it is taking me forever) so please

Don't be offended

I really really appreciate your help

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    you have some great ideas here so I won't add any but I will offer a suggestion; buy a baby names book.

    You can get them cheap at used book stores or second hand stores and you will have tons of names at your fingertips..

    The older books have many different names in them than the newer books do so pick up a few different ones.

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    Just get some take out pizza.

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    Chloe Louise Rixon

    Paige Elizabeth Grace Holland

    Grace Lovegrove

    Ellie-Mai Rose Lovegrove

    Carly Fairey

    Barry Lovegrove

    John Holland

    Lilly Anne Holland

    Jessica Louise Rixon

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