How do i feel better about myself?

It terms of physical appearance. Okay so i'm 16, i've always wanted curly hair but ive straight boring black hair. I've dark brown eyes, and i'm so jealous of everyone who has beautiful bright eyes:/ im NOT EVEN 5'2. i've a flat nose, and short eyelashes. I know i'm lucky that i've a healthy body, inner beauty and character also matter more than this, but sometimes in photos when everyone else seems to look better than me, or when i look into the mirror, i'm just not happy with how i look. i don't know what to do

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    9 years ago
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    First try to be happy with what you have, we human beings always desire to get more and more but we forget to be happy with what we have. If we could get everything then there won't be anything left in this world for which we would desire for.

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    be confident. You sound really pretty. I've always wanted straight hair. If you want curly hair then scrunch it hard.

    Get contacts if you want, but brown eyes are sexy and mysterious. A lot of guys like that.

    Dress cute, and smile & tell yourself something you love about your looks. Go from there & keep going.

    Good luck! :)

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    I think at this age everyone feels the same way but in my opinion you should want to be unique and not look the same way as everyone eles... my advice would be to concentrate on the features you like about yourself what about your lips? do you have a good bone structure? brown eyes aren't boring but you can make them stand out using different make-up techniques. kandee is one of my favorite make-up artists and she has brown eyes so maybe you could check out some of her work:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    as for hair I like lilthmoon's hair tutorials so has very straight hair but does some beautiful looks although alot of them are a bit too perfect for me so I mess them up a bit :)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Check them out and see what you think and remember confidence is the most beautiful thing in a person!

    hope i've helped x

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    you'll feel better when you start to accept yourself for who u are..............................identify your strong aspects and enhance them and then identify your weak points and work on them..................

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    9 years ago

    Everyone is beautiful in your own way. There's always gonna be a person prettier than you but that doesn't mean youre not beautiful. Always think that outside beauty is nothing compared to inside beauty :) just have confidence with yourself :)

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    I've always wanted straight black silky hair but I have dark dishwater blond hair that is supposed to be wavy but mostly just ends up frizzy! I have always been envious over my friends who have deep soulful colored eyes, my eyes can't decide if they are green or blue and I always have people asking what color they are as if they aren't looking at me and can't tell!

    I think that we are all destined to not be happy with what we have and tend to be envious of others. The best we can do is realize that we have low self esteem and try to get past it. If I ever figure out how, I'll let you know! :D

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