I need to know the 411 on napkin rings?

Napkin rings are silly things and my wife collects them for a hobby. I am a heterosexual male and dont find this at all ammusing in any way. My wife is completely involed in her napkin rings, they are pretty much her life. I wanna write a report on napkin rings to make her happy and submit it to the local paper. Can yall please give me the 411 on napkin rings

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    Napkin rings first came into use when European nobility set their tables with an elaborate silver vessel, often shaped like a ship, that held the personal table linen, salt, wine, and even poison-testing chemicals of their owners. They were carried with other personal items when wealthy people traveled in the Middle Ages. They shrunk in size and grew in popularity during the Victorian period, when most members of the upper class had their own rings. They no longer held salt or wine but were elaborately embellished with birds, flowers and decorative borders. Some families would use outdated family silver coins to melt down and fashion napkin rings. They came into more widespread use when other, cheaper materials began to be used, including leather, ceramics, wool reinforced with wire and wood.


    Before the popularity and availability of disposable napkins, people used linen and cotton to wipe their mouths after a meal and wipe their hands after using a finger bowl. Napkin rings often had initials or some identifying mark to let each member of the family know whose napkin was whose. They were washed only when the other linens were washed.

    Napkin Rings Today

    Many people use napkin rings to set a pleasing table when they are using cloth napkins. Craft magazines have instructions for making holiday and seasonal napkin rings out of discarded paper towel holders, twine, beads, ribbon and decorative wire. As people look for ways to reduce waste, inexpensive cloth napkins may become more popular, even for family meals. Often, the napkin ring is personalized so that it also serves the function of a place card.

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    We're not having any at all...paper or otherwise. The napkins are going to be folded so they lay in a rectangular shape on the plate with the menu tucked inside. Even for $10 I would not do it. Napkin rings don't serve a purpose other than to litter up the table and look messy once people open their napkins and get thrown in the trash afterwards. If you are looking to incorporate seashells into the table decor then why don't you get some of the larger ones and use a paint pen to write guests' names on them. On the reverse side you can put your names and wedding date. They will double as favors and place cards. Set them at each place setting. I'd also be a little wary of anybody who could offer me 75 of them for $10.00. Doesn't seem like it would even start to cover supplies let alone labor.

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