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Can't lose weight no matter how hard I try. Help.?

I lost 30 kg's last year but stopped in July. And now it's been a year and I have gained 5 kg's. I mean, I look stronger and harder than I did even after losing so much weight, but I want to become lean since I am a semi-pro soccer/football player.

I am trying, I have training two hours a day, five days a week. I do exercises in the afternoon or night, mainly a circuit weight training of a particular part of the body and slight warm up

Like on tuesday, I first do some warm up then do side bends of 50 reps, then crunches and then bicep curls before repeating another set of this and changing.

I have a fine diet.

Morning : Egg whites and milk.

Brunch : Apples and a smoothie or Pasta and Diet coke (The only fault in my diet)

Lunch : Brown rice, a little yogurt and maybe some red kidney bean gravy.

Supper : One vegetable wrap and coffee.

Dinner : Two vegetable wraps or some cooked flattened rice and a cup of yogurt.

After weight training : Whey 100% gold standard protein shake.

After football training : A banana

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    What is your ethnic background?

    How old are you?

    How tall are you?

    How much do you weigh?

    What club do you play for?

    Without knowing any of the above, I can immediately see a major flaw in your diet. You rely FAR too much on carbs. The person telling you not to eat fat is clueless. If you are working out that much, your body is in requirement of MASSIVE amounts of energy. When that energy is coming only from carbs, you are constantly telling your body it has to store all of the excess as fat. This is due to an override of insulin. Likely you also have insulin resistance because you have been on a carb-reliant diet for so long.

    Fat is an ESSENTIAL component of the diet. Meaning if you go without fat, you will eventually become sick and die. As humans evolved, we ate predominantly plants and animals, never processed foods as you describe. Carbs are ok, but BALANCE is key. Basically, if you have a little more healthy fat, you have to eat a lot less and your energy will be sustained longer. Part of the reason for this is that fat is more satisfying, carries more nutrients, and has more than double the calories. You will need way less carbs to meet your energy needs, AND you will store less fat in your body. Basically, when you give your body what it actually needs, it starts to work more efficiently and burn the right energy at the right time. The over-reliance on carbs is sending the wrong signals to your body.

    ALSO, if you are not eating ENOUGH, which it seems you are NOT, your body will become programmed to store energy as fat, and this has a compound effect with all the carbs!

    The best time to eat carbs is in the 3-4 hour window following training. You should also include protein after your soccer training as your muscles are being taxed A LOT during these sessions.

    Those are some basics on the subject my friend. The real detail/ info is in a book called "Forward in Football: Excerpt IX" (see link below)


    Your weight training is not making you stronger, especially in relation to soccer. You are essentially doing bodybuliding exercises. This MIGHT build a small amount of muscle, but it is NOT making you fitter/ stronger for soccer. You need to be doing compound exercises that integrate your core and body athletically. This will require more functional movement and way more hormone drive, IE: you will get stronger and way leaner. I am assuming that is your goal. You are simply wasting your time doing bicep curls. :)

    Again, books I wrote books SPECIFICALLY on the subject of strength training for elite footballers. "Forward in Football: Bruit-Perfect Strength (Excerpts II and III). (See website below.)

    I am sure there are a lot of great things you are already doing. I am also sure you have a lot of talent and potential because of where you are now and that you are putting in the effort to keep moving your game in the right direction. Take control and keep moving forward with your game!


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    Source(s): I dropped 20 lbs using this...
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    You're nonetheless developing so wait till you've got hit max peak AND had a hazard to "fill in" your grownup frame. If you continue to have additional epidermis at the moment, then it'll most likely require surgical procedure to take away it (now not an unusual predicament for humans who lose massive quantities of weight or who drop pounds very rapidly). Give it a different say five yrs earlier than you are making up your brain it is not going to difference anymore with out scientific aid. With endured firming sporting activities and also you now not completed developing into your grownup frame, you can also but see a few optimistic alterations.

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    2 and 1 2 hours bowling

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    volunteer to deliver meals or help build housing

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    love your chips and dip swap the lays for a handful of veggies

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    Your diet is extreme and perhaps unhealthy. If you want to lose more, eliminate the remaining fat in your diet. Only skim milk, low fat yogurt and something low fat instead of the banana. Substitute with lean protein. You will be on starvation with such an unbalanced diet.

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    people who eat breakfast have a better shot at losing and maintaining weight loss

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    3 healthy meals 2 healthy snacks

  • 5 years ago

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