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Finding it hard to wait until marriage?

Im posting this again cuz the answers last time didn't help at all... Imma 15 yo guy, and i believe in waiting until marriage for sex. People keep saying im not mature enough to say my own decisions, BUT I AM WAITING...I AM NOT GONNA HAVE SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE!!!!! It is just getting harder and harder to say no, but I want to save myself for my future wife. Recently, more and more girls are starting to flirt with me and are getting more...physical... And my friends are kinda pressuring me.... I dont want to listen to peer pressure but it gets hard not to... I have already pretty much matured enough to know whats right or wrong. I dont disrespect girls, and think it is wrong to talk about them, think about them, or look at them in a lustful way. i am not saying I have never done those things, I stopped being a total pervert in 7th grade lol. But how can I become more confident in myself and get rid of these thoughts? NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE!

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  • jayne
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    9 years ago

    Ok, well you are not going to just get rid of these thoughts because you sound like a typical, normal, 15 year old guy, full of raging hormones, sexual tension and temptation, you cant get rid of them, but you can learn how to control these thoughts, hang on to your beliefs, which I absolutely admire and respect you for, think of those beliefs and how strong they are for you, every time you find yourself in a situation where sex could be involved, and fill your life with as many other interests as you can, so you dont just dwell on this only. If you really feel that strongly about this, and you gave into lust, then you would probably regret it, so reassure yourself each day that you are doing the right thing, it doesnt matter what your friends think, you know your own mind and its YOUR life, one day you will be able to share something truly special with your wife, and it wont be tainted by anything that has happened before. Thank god there are still young guys like you out there who know how to respect girls, you sound like a nice guy, your future wife will be lucky.

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  • 9 years ago

    Just keep in mind what you want and believe in. When you're not doing it, you have this illusion that "EVERYONE is doing it" and that you're left out but that's not the case! And of course it's normal to get urges sometimes i mean im 15 too its hormones its natural lol :) But you're actually a respectful person not wanting to look at girls and stuff like that instead of wanting a "hit it and quit it" kind of thing haha. I'd say definitely wait though cuz when you do have a wife, she'd much rather want, well any girl for that matter, would much rather have a "new" guy than one thats been everywhere. Urges? Just release them by jacking off or something haha thats what most guys do anyways :)

  • Anonymous
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    It's all up to you to stick up for yourself tell people how it is! that you want to wait! your friends may laugh and some people may think your crazy but in the long run your doing it for yourself not others who cares what they think. Not EVERYONE is doing it, it may seem like it but their not. and many girls will praise you for waiting they love that sort of thing.

    Look at your goals and see what you want to accomplish by doing this.

    Think about that special person in the future she would be overjoyed that you waited especially for her!!! Just keep telling others no you don't want to and be serious about it don't say it jokingly. When people know your serious eventually they know that you won't budge.

    You've already been saying no for 15 years Imagine when you reach 20 you would have been saying no for so long that it will be harder to change your mind.

    sorry so long hope this helped :)

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  • 9 years ago

    release your sexual frustration by exercising or jacking off

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  • 9 years ago

    No one is running after you with a video camera, when u get a chance just hit it, Btw you dont have to tell anyone what u did or not. Keep it for yourself.

    Do u have a girl friend or is anyone ready to have sex with you? Whenever you do , be sure she doesnt get pregnant. Ppl might know that u had sex u know.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    your a 15 year old male - it's natural to be horny, it doesn't mean you have to start having sex.

    Tell your friends to to stop pressuring you (nicely if possible) It's your choice, not anyone elses.

    Just focus on your school work, and maybe think about getting a part time/weekend job?

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