im afraid im gonna push him away too.....?

i stopped trusting people a long time ago. i mostly get along with guys, along with very few girls (usually only if i have to be around them, like if im dating there friend or family member). i have a problem with pushing guys that like me away. ive done it several times over about 3 years or so. i didnt grow up in 1 of the homes on tv where the mom and dad never fight. i grew up with parents arguing alot and alot of backstabbing from friends and boyfriends, and you cant be the nice shy girl and think people arent gonna walk all over you. around 8 yrs old i fipped and started to change a little (more and more as i got older). once i hit 17 and not long after my grandma died i completely flipped and became i guess you could say somewhat rebellious and was no longer the same girl every one had known me to be, i basically turned into a ***** and didnt care what any one thought or said. now im almost 21 and im now with an amazing guy who actually cares about me and respects me (definitely a new thing for me). i really dont want to push this guy away like ive done in the past with guys. how do i change enough that i dont say or do the wrong thing (amazing at that) and make him either me leave me or change and stop being so loving and caring toward me? ive tried to change but its really hard to do when you've been thro so much and have been that way for a long time. plus this is the first guy my family actually likes. can anyone please help me?

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    9 years ago
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    Just tell him

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