24yr old man seeking relationship advice?

I met this girl about a month and a half ago and it seemed like we hit it off fairly well.

I didn't see her again until just Tuesday and we talked some more and it seems like she likes me so i got her number and we texted a bit.

I saw her out at the bar on Friday and I didnt talk to her for a bit but toward the end of the night I started talking to her some more. So she took off from the bar and I got a text from her at like 10 the next morning that just said "never drinking again haha?" I guess she hasn't been drinking for 6 months or so and is kinda conservative. That she texted me first it seemed like a good sign.

So on saturday we were gonna try going camping with a group and didnt look like we were gonna do but she texted me at 8 or so and told me they were going and to come. So we show up at the camp that was on the beach and we take a cab to a few bars in town. Things seem to be going good and shes holding my arm when we walk down the sidewalk and we were dancing a talking and what not.

heres where things go a little bad...

Toward the end of the night she started talking to some other guy and they went outside the bar somewhere and I got pretty jealous from this and decided that I was going to walk back to the campground. My friend called me about 10 minutes when i was walking and was asking me where I was at, so him and this girl I like picked me up and we drove back to our campsite. So I get my tent all ready and she was going to sleep in the back of her friends car where they had a bed set up but her friend wasn't back yet so she went into my friends car and was laying in the backseat, i opened the door and my friend was sitting in their with her and being drunk and stupid at the time i got jealous and went back to my tent and I texted her "dont talk to me again" I think I did this just because I was looking for a response and I immediately regretted it. then I texted her later and wrong a drunkin apology saying that i like her and i didnt mean what i wrote and then when her friend got back and she was getting in her car i asked her to talk to me real quick and i just basically said the same thing "i didnt mean what i wrote" and she just said "its fine, its fine and just kinda walked back to her friends car. and it seemed pretty awkward.

So yesterday I wrote her a message saying "I wanted to apologize for a few nights back. I was acting rediculous and I drank a few too many long islands which i know is a lame *** excuse. I immediatly regretted what i wrote and how i acted so im hoping you will forgive me"

She hasnt texted me back.

So my plan now i guess is just to wait it out and hope she gets back to me. I know i cant keep texting her and trying to get ahold of her cause that will just push her away. Did I really screw up here or do you think i still have a chance with her?

I talked to my friend last night who was in the truck with her i just said "ya man i really think i screwed **** up with chel's" he was like " ya she said you were angry with her, and thats why she doesn't drink much anymore because theirs always problems" and he said they didnt do anything and he use to date her a few years back but now he's in permanent friend zone. And he said that she hasnt been dating anyone for around a year and a half and he said that he hadnt seen her dancing or anything for a long time.

So i think that i was doing pretty good with her but now i think i may have ruined it with my over reacting and jealousy. what do you think the next move should be for me and how do you think she feels about all of this?

Thank you

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    9 years ago
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    Well the next time you obviously need to control your neediness because that is your main problem.

    1st - She isn't your gf and she hasn't got any obligation towards you.

    2nd - You got jealous and needy with her.

    3rd - You started apologizing way too much. It's ok once but when you do it 2, 3... times, it transmits an idea that you aren't confident.

    Guess what? Women like a guy, who is confidence and independent. You showed exactly the opposite.

    What do you need to do? Just stop stop caring so much. You just met this girl, if she wants to be with other guys let her. You do the same thing. You haven't got any relationship going on.

    She might even done this just to see how you reacted. The best thing for you to do now is to give her space and to not worry. The more you message her, telephone etc... The more you will back her away.

    Go out and have fun. Screwing up is part of the process. Don't beat yourself up for it. Simply learn from it and move on.

    Good Luck.

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