how the equation is not exact(5x^2y+6x^2y^3+4xy^2)dx+(2x^3+3x^4y+3x^2y)dy=0?

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    Consider the equation (5x^2y+6x^3y^2+4xy^2)dx+(2x^3+3x^4y+3x^2y)dy=0 (a) show that the equation is not exact (b) Multiply the equation by x'' and y''' and determine values for n and m that make the resulting equation exact. (c) Use the solution of the resulting exact equation to solve the original equation.

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    ∂M/∂y (5x^2y+6x^3y^2+4xy^2) =/= ∂N/∂x (2x^3+3x^4y+3x^2y

    5x^2+12x^3y+8xy =/= 6x^2+12x^3y+6xy


    Take x^ny^m and multiply it through the equation:

    (5x^2y+6x^3y^2+4xy^2)dx+(2x^3+3x^4y+3x^2y)dy X x^ny^m


    Now for example, yy^m is the same as y^(m+1) and y^2y^m is y^(m+2). So do this throughout the equation, after; we derive the partial derivative based on these values:


    = (n+2)2x^(n+2)y^m+(n+4)3x^(x+3)y^(m+1)+(n+2)3x^(n+1)y^(m+1)

    Now the coefficients need to be equal, since the x and y powers are equal:

    5(m+1) + 6(m+2) + 4(m+2) = 2(n+3) + 3(n+4) + 3(n+3)

    15m + 1 = 8n

    m = 1, n =2 satisfies this!


    Now plug it in to get an exact equation:

    (5x^4y^2 + 6x^5y^3 + 4x^3y^3)dx + (2x^5y + 3x^6y^2 + 3x^4y^2)dy

    Now solve it like any other exact equation. I'll give the solution I got (doesn't mean my solution is correct);

    My Solution: x^5y^2+x^6y^3+x^4y^3+y

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    Exact Equation

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    if ∂N/∂x =/= ∂M/∂y, then it's not exact

    in other words, the partial derivatives of the each of the expressions (namely M & N) with respect to x, & y should be exactly the same, to be considered exact, then you can determine an arbitrary function Ψ.

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