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Why're laws so one sided?

A woman can accuse a man of rape and he can be arrested and prosecuted for that, even without strong proof against him.

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    Law is not one sided. The entire bunch of fresh graduates of lawyers we have are. Picturise this : Why are so many doctors fraudulent? You may want to just look at news to see how doctors manipulate their patients. Here, even lawyers have their oaths - but they do it all for money. If you're talking about law being one sided, even your question can be said to be one sided. There are several cases piling dust in courts where a woman had actually had some tussle with a man. Domestic violence not only supports women; but men as well. And there are no second thoughts about it. You may find this answer a tad philosophical and dramatic, but I think the change should start from one's own house. Some north/south communities in India are very rigid in their thinking. Once the man-woman stereotype goes, am sure all will fall in place. Start quick, start at home. That's how the difference would be made.

    Btw, if you do want to; read Vijay Tendulkar's 'Silence! The Court is in Session'. It falls in perspective with your questions. And the law does not spare anyone of stereotypes - man or woman.

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    do you know how many rapists are actually prosecuted? not many, if they are, they are almost never charged

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    So that one can Break and escape. Parliament makes law and their sits our representatives, They frame and make law with the help of Law Ministry and take care of weaker sections especially women. Un fortunately we all are very selfish and so are the women included. Accused may be innocent but lower governing bodies does not and can't agree to his plea. But when they are produced to court they are released honerably. No doubt the Laws have its own weakness and many among us try to take advantage of it. Thanks God Hon'ble Courts are there to protect innocent. Thanks.

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    They aren't.

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    Not really one sided. For your example, naturally a woman can accuse a man of rape. I personally do not think you can revert the situation of a man accuse a woman of rape because nobody will believe you.

    Rape is rape no matter where you look at it. It is a force entry of a man's genital to a female organ with intimidation and coercion. An accusation without any strong proof of evidence naturally the case would be DISMISS by any competent judge. The law relies on facts not hearsay. You probably saying it is one sided because a friend of yours was put to jail recently I bet because of rape charges and the evidence of the girl has no basis or strong proof as you put it. So why not ask for an appeal for the same case to the Supreme Court and revise the promulgation of the case again to the highest court of the land maybe it will reverse and dismiss the case and your friend be exonerated.

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