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A guy in class called me... ugly...?

Okay, it happened when my teacher was not around and we were goofing off in our seats. Then, this guy I didn't like (he was 3 chairs away from me) said that I was a "feeler" and that I was "pretending" to be pretty even though I was not. To me, it was his way of calling me ugly.

To make matters worse, he said it out in class and some kids around me started chuckling - even my best friends! I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry. My best friends (there were 3 of them because I wasn't that popular in class) who were sitting around me laughed and pointed at me. I tried my best to ignore but I couldn't so I just looked away from the people crying and tried to be cool about it. I didn't say a word to anyone until the day ended.

What should I do? I'm feeling so guilty! Plus, I think my friends are going to haunt me about tomorrow too. I feel like a complete retard!!

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    Every day you're not dead in the ground, when you wake up in the morning, you're gonna have to make some decisions. Got to ask yourself this question: "Am I gonna believe all them bad things them fools say about me today?" -Constantine Jefferson: The Help

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    That is horrible of him, but don't worry I'm sure you're very pretty. If he says nasty things like that then he will never get anywhere in life e.g. will never pass any job interviews or hold down a girlfriend etc. He will be nothing after high school if he doesn't change so please don't worry.

    I'm sure you are pretty, but even if you're not typically pretty, you're still pretty in your own way (as cheesy as that sounds!) Besides, looks really aren't that big a deal, personality and intelligence definitely rule over it! I'm not pretty at all but I've got a really handsome boyfriend and am going to a good uni etc so don't worry. However, I'm sure you are very pretty :)

    Bet they've all forgotten by tomorrow! Will be yesterday's news and they'll be talking about something else! Best of wishes :)

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    This is called life. And if i were you, i would be lie " what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" . Oh and maybe they are all jealous from you because most of the time, it is just pure jealousy which make the other people act RETARD !

    Seriously nvm about their statements. People suck now and then :) Just try to own them in class and then it will be all GREAT :D

    Best of Luck !

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    Fire back with mom jokes, if he calls you ugly just say. HA! Thats hilarious, your mom told me the same thing about you, Sh*t Stain. Gotta fight fire with fire sometimes.

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    It is always better not to smug with beauty.

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    Me in a nutshell, except people call me 'tuffy' for being such a hard cu*t. Even though you are a woman, you can stand up for yourself. Whats in a word? You can call a rose ugly, but it will still smell beautiful. Imply that for you. You may be 'ugly', you may not be ugly and this person may be extremely FU*KING jealous of you. Regardless, you would be beautiful in some way or another. What I think you should do is, just rape this kid. Put your pussy on him, force it to him, and he will love it. Never call you ugly again. Then, whenever he goes to pick on someone, its a fashion. The bully wins.

    Anyway, that was a joke. Just tell the prick to mind his own business. your probably a beautiful girl in some way or another, unless your some filthy whore with no personality. Regardless, your better then the rest..

    Good day.

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    maybe he was just joking else your friends wouldnt laugh about it would they?

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    Ignore him ant the so called friends who laughed at u.

    " What other people think of you, is none of your business"

    Be brave. Dont let others break you confidence.

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    9 years ago

    truth hurts

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