i want ti be a Comedia when i grow up cos Stanley lauged at my jokes

i have a problem about t way i was treated by friend

the friend name are a boy named Stanley and a indian called Meet

pokin me on facebook

cuddlin me

telling my love Zimp that i am a boy who is gay and zimp is a girl

try to givin me trugs

that is a list of things they done to me soon

has any of these every happened to you????

how to i stop it

dont know what is happening to me

i was going to walk to t pet shop


and stanley had a bag filled with

but i dont take drugs or injection

so i he told me he will tell Zimp i am a boy who is gay so she will not

be my wife

has this ever happ

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  • 8 years ago
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    Did you just feel an uncontrollable urge to write a bunch of nonsense?

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  • 6 years ago

    You could try stand up comedy if that's what you mean.

    If not, you should clear up what you wrote so it would be more understandable.

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