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Which guitar amp would be most suitable for Alternative rock? Tube or solid state?

I play rhythm guitar and lead vocals for my band.. we basically perform alternative rock songs like song from Kutless, Skillet etc.. Other than that we also play at churches, music like hillsong and mainly Jesus culture. I practice on a 20 watt GB&A amp. Need a perfect amp for practice as well as gigs.. tube amps are too costly.. i mostly wanna go for a solid state.. can anyone suggest me the best solid state amp for this kinda genre? Solid state, i'd prefer anythin between 80-100 watts.. whereas tube amp even a 30 watt would suffice.. suggestions pls..!! :)


My price range would be anything from 20k to 40k indian rupees.. :)

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    First off, tube amps aren't always better. A lot of it depends on what music you're playing, the guitar, the effects, the quality of the player, and what music you're playing. For an alternative rock band, and especially at that price range (400-700 USD), you should go for a nice solid state amp. Here are a couple of reliable amps that you'd probably like. Also definitely get a 2x12 amp.

    and if you can find a Raven RG 100, get one. They aren't the best amps, but they're great for the price.

    Good luck.

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    in case you play "sparkling" any amp could be superb. the difference between amplifiers will become obvious whilst extra than a number of levels of the amplifier are pushed previous the component the place they might nevertheless properly strengthen the sign from the guitar. Overdriving, in many situations in a planned attempt to the two create "sustain" or upload "tone" motives extra than a number of levels of the amplifier to distort the unique sign. The distortion takes the form of overtones (or harmonics) that are multiples of the unique frequency. The harmonics created via an overdriven stable state amp are frequently "atypical" (0.33, 5th, seventh, and so on) and are not distinctly captivating to the ear. The dominant overtone of an overdriven degree of a tube amp is the "even" 2d harmonic. Don

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    Lessee, the internet tells me that 20k-40k of INR = 350-700$, that's more than enough to work with.

    The first one that popped out at me was the Marshall MG4. Foot controller, multiple channels, onboard effects, 2x12, 100w, and it's got the Marshall tone. What's interesting is if you check the reviews on it, a guy is saying how he enjoys playing Tomlin and Jesus Culture... thought that was pretty interesting! As at least one of the reviews say, Marshall tends to be great for rock, but if you're looking for something much heavier (ie death metal) you'll probably need a pedal.

    The amp is right in the middle of that price range, has enough wattage, and the two 12's will push enough air to be heard over a drum kit and should keep up with another guitarist, as long as that guitarist isn't blasting full-volume.

    You might also want to look at Kustom... they have a sound comparable to Marshall (in my opinion), good for rock, usually priced a little cheaper. Might not have the onboard effects, though.

    Whatever way you go, I suggest getting 2 12" speakers.... you'll push more air, disperse sound over a wider range, and in general be heard better than with just one 12" speaker.

    The amp might actually be too loud for live work, you'll probably have to keep it turned down, but it'll work great with practices when you normally wouldn't have your amp mic'd.

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    Without a budget it's really hard to give a good answer. Obviously budget is a concern since you mentioned tube amps being too expensive. You could use tube or solid state, it's really just personal opinion and I know good guitarists that do gig with SS amps for the reliability factor. I know people here get tired of hearing "you just need to go try them", but it's the best answer anyone can give. I have bought a couple amps because they got great reviews, but I was not happy with them. Only you will know your sound when you hear it. If you want some suggestions for amps to try then just post your price range and you should get some good answers.

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    I'd go with a tube amp. They ALWAYS sound better.

    In your case maybe a Marshall Class 5 and a nice distortion pedal.

    And yes 5 watts. It can get very loud.

    Otherwise if youre set on SS a Roland Cube or Vox Valvetronix.

    I was surprised at how good both sounded.

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