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I would like to start using linux but ...?

Hi guys,

I am interested in using Linux, since it is free. Currently I have cracked win7 and it is making me a lot of problem. For example, my dad has the original win7, but since he used key on his PC , that key now doesen't work on my PC, so I have to crack it -.-'

I mean what kind of bullshit is it...

Anyway, I would like to start using linux, but as long as it is not Ubuntu. I want a change so I want it to be a big one :)

But I have problem... I'm on college, and all my class materials are uploaded in word and excel files. Is there any way to open them up in Linux ?

I also need to use MATLab and microsoft visual studios , so, can I install those in Linux also?

I have never used linux so please suggest me one ( but not Ubuntu , I want some hardcore change ).

Thank you

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    You are not a very logical for a person who supposedly is "on college". Your sentence structure is pretty bad as well.

    To start off, you can try CentOS, Fedora, SUSE....just Google the rest. There are many. I'm not going to waste my time listing all of them.

    As far as opening Microsoft Office formatted files, there should be plenty of free apps that will allow you to open and modify those files. They likely won't have the full functionality of programs in the Office suite which may be required for your college, but you seem to be willing to take that risk.

    As far as MATLab and Visual Studio goes, you need Windows...period. What you can do is download and install Virtual Box in your Linux install. This way you can run Windows from within Linux and complete your tasks. After you have completed college and no longer need those programs, just delete the virtual machine files and uninstall Linux.

    I would suggest you do the opposite however. Keep your Windows machine (just buy a license key and get it over with) and install Linux in a virtual machine so you can try it out first and see which flavor of Linux you like. Once you try them out you can make a decision as to which one you want to use as your primary OS. Hope this all helps.

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    Ubuntu is arguably the least puzzling Linux distro for novices, altho some people declare Fedora is larger. i will placed my vote in with Ubuntu. in case you opt to place in a Linux on a device, what i might advise is traveling a community e book place, inclusive of Borders or Barnes & Noble. visit the pc component of their mag rack, and p.c.. up a Linux mag that encompasses a Linux distribution DVD. you will in many situations have a truly a variety of strategies, from Fedora to CentOS to multiple flavors of Ubuntu to multiple atypical-ball forte distros -- in many situations countless strategies in one mag. it's going to fee you approximately $20, in spite of the shown fact that it's going to provide you some documentation on the distro plus different information in Linux, you will possibly have it NOW quite hours later whilst the acquire completes, and you will possibly meet a great Linux geek interior the e book place for suggestion and information.

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