What was the moment you realized that your significant other was the one for you?

They can be a long term gf/bf or wife/husband

What was going on?

Where were you?

What did they do?

How did they make you feel?

Did you realize it in a happy way (fun day together) or a sad way (realizing how much you care when they were sick)?

And finally how long have you been together now?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I will never forget the moment I realized my husband of 25 years was the man for me. I had been a single mother for over 9 years, and had pretty much decided I would be alone forever. When I met him, he had never had any children, but seemed to warm up to mine and they to him, which was a big bonus. But the real kicker was when I borrowed his brand new (less than 200 miles on it) car when mine was in the shop. On my way to work I was involved in an accident and totalled the car. I called him in tears, you know how men are about their cars. Well, all he said was "are you alright". I said that I was, but that the car was totalled and he said "It's just a car, it can be replaced, but you can't." He kept repeating it over and over. I knew at that moment he was the one. To this day not one word has ever been said about the car, but he has remarked over and over again that as badly as the car was damaged (I was hit by a pick up truck that ran a red light) that I walked away without a scratch. We have had our ups and downs over the years, but he is a marvelous man and I love him dearly.

  • Cara
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    9 years ago

    There wasn't a specific moment when I knew he was the one. It was the evidence built up after a year and a half of dating that he had basically "earned" a permanent spot in my life. He has been my best friend and biggest supporter, someone I can have fun with anywhere, go to for help and comfort, and feel like I have an important place in HIS life as well.

    I didn't realize all of this consciously until I started changing "ifs" to "whens" in conversation. I just started counting on a future with him because I knew it would be such a great and natural thing, and I knew he felt the same way about me (he'd been using "when" for quite a bit longer).

    This realization came in both happy ways and sad ways. In happy ways, he was so much fun to be around, got my sense of humor, and liked the same quirky things that I did that no one else understood. In sad ways, he was there for me through a lot of family things and periods of painful personal growth, not pushing me too hard but always being the one who cared for me and stood up for me when no one else would. I regrettably almost walked away from the relationship at one point, having a lot of things to deal with at the time, and he wasn't mean or angry or desperate about it: he just said he'd be there for me anyway, and he was, quietly and kindly, without pushing. Luckily, I recognized what a great thing I had with him, and how good to me and how dedicated he was, and took my second chance when it was offered.

    We've been together for four years on June 1.

  • Sean
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    9 years ago

    I'm a 30 year old female and when I was "new" with my boyfriend (within 6 months), I had rented us a hotel for what was supposed to have been a romantic night. Instead, we arrived at the hotel and I had food poisoning so I had non-stop both diarrhea and vomit exiting me at the same time. I had to lay in the shower because it wouldn't stop pouring out from both ends (if you know what I mean). Not only was I incredibly humiliated but I thought for sure my new boyfriend would leave since he would no longer expect a sexual encounter or anything romantic but to my surprise, he left the hotel for a brief moment and returned with soups and gingerale to settle my stomach. When my symptoms eased off a little, I got into bed (embarrassed and nearly in tears thinking he would leave me) but not only did he NOT leave me, he laid beside me the entire night and rubbed my stomach until I fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, his hand was still rubbing my tummy. At that point is when I realized "I have to marry this guy". We're now 8 years together and engaged to be married. This is my story and thanks for reading. Best wishes to you!

  • 9 years ago

    We met at university. I was 18 and he was 19. We just had an attraction, and I thought he was funny and intelligent. We have similar interests, but like different kinds of things. Once I had talked to him, I couldn't wait to see him again, and again, and we've been together pretty much every day since we first met. We've now been together 20 years, and have been married 14.

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